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Ex-payment is free

What is a giveaway payment?
An institution, a government, or an insurance company pays a donation to an individual for damages or claims, but does not require acceptance by the party making the payment. A prepayment on a gift basis is voluntary because the party making the payment is not obliged to compensate the individual. In Latin, "by gift" means "favor."

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Companies make ex gratia payments to parties that have suffered a loss of goodwill.
Payment as a gift does not mean that the payer recognizes its responsibility for the loss.
In the United States, ex gratia payments are exempt from taxes.
Understand payments as a gift
Donation payments differ from legally mandatory payments in that they are voluntary. Organizations, governments and insurance companies generally do not provide compensation to victims unless legally required.

In the case of an insurance company, if the insured suffers an injury covered by the terms of the insurance policy, the insurance company is obliged to pay. This type of payment is not optional. It is the result of a legal obligation and generally entails acceptance of liability.

The Company may make ex gratia payments in cases where the recipient has suffered a loss; however, the said transaction is not considered an acknowledgment of liability.
In return, payment by gift is a gesture of goodwill. Payment is made after a specific loss or damage to property and does not entail any acceptance of liability. A company that offers a single credit to its customers is not considered to be paid as a gift because payment is not associated with a specific loss. However, a company providing after-service credit will be considered a gift payment.

An institution can use ex gratia payments as part of a long-term strategy to maintain good relationships with the person receiving the payment. For example, a large retailer forced to reduce staff can provide higher end-of-service salaries than legal requirements. The retailer can determine that this gesture of goodwill will reduce the negative publicity resulting from layoffs.

Special considerations: imposition of payments as a gift
Endowment payments in the United States are generally subject to federal and state income taxes. However, in the UK, taxes on a donation of less than £ 30,000 are not taxed as long as payment is not made for work performed or services provided; such payment must be voluntary.

Under British law, if payment is optional, it makes a difference with respect to taxes. However, ex gratia payments in excess of £ 30,000 to HM and customs revenues must be reported to ensure that there are no unexpected tax obligations next year.

British Airways often offers a gift / compensation card to former customers who may have been uncomfortable to maintain good relationships with customers.

Ex gratia payments and legal separation payments are tax free. Payment in lieu of notification, holiday payment and normal contractual payment shall not be considered as ex gratia payments and shall be taxable.

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