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Do not have health insurance? What is the worst?

While the number of uninsured Americans has decreased, many people still do not have any type of health insurance coverage. The Low Price Health Care Act (ACA) section allows millions to opt for a state-funded health care plan. However, many consumers are not eligible for the subsidy, and many of those who are eligible choose not to participate.

In addition, employees with company-sponsored health plans benefit from financial dignity as employers change their benefit plans. According to a report by Aon, 2015 points out that the low costs of medical care are increasing in about 20 years. However, the report notes that workers contribute 134% more than a decade ago. The average American worker pays $ 2,490 in premiums, plus $ 2,208 in deductibles, co-payments and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Reasons to go without restrictions
So how many Americans are uninhibited? The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that the number of unprotected adults (between 19 and 64 years old) is 32 million. When asked if he explained the main reason for the ban, his responses were as follows:

48% - Cost

12% - Inactive / Inactive / Inappropriate at work

12% - Another reason

7% - Migration Status

6%: they were told they were not eligible

6% - Feel they don't need it

4% - Don't know / refused to answer

3% - Opposite ACA / Prefer to pay penalty

3% - I don't know how to get it

In a recent survey conducted by ionTuition for college students, recent college graduates and those who plan to attend college, they were asked what employee benefits are most important. More than half of the respondents (55%) said they preferred the game of student loans to health benefits. Thanks to a group of respondents, these Millennials can feel youth insecurity.

However, below are three very important potential health insurance risks.

Medical absence
Contrary to popular belief, the law does not require health care providers to provide medical services to people without insurance. Only emergency departments are legally required to care.

The Transam Center for Health Studies recently published a report that showed that 62% of Americans discovered that their health was consistent, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight or obesity. The survey also found that only 41% of Americans were denied access to health care costs.

The executive director of Trans América, Héctor De La Torre, tells Investopedia that the ACA needs more protection services to cover insurance policies without payment. However, he says, "Lack of medical care can prevent people from getting free contraceptive services."

De La Torre explains that preventive care is important to identify diseases or conditions from the beginning before they become serious problems. Detecting health problems quickly increases your chances of getting effective treatment and reduces the cost of medical care..

Medical credit
In addition to being covered by health insurance, a serious accident or a health problem that results from emergency care and / or expensive medical care can lead to bad debt or even bankruptcy. Dylan Roby, assistant professor of Health Services Administration at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, tells Investopedia: "A diagnosis of cancer, a car accident or a broken leg can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket" .

Roby adds: "Insurance coverage has now been implemented in more protection packages at a cost of more than $ 6,600 (per person) or $ 13,200 (family) in operation." But there is no limit for defaults.

And as a result, for several years, medical debt has been the first cause of human extinction, according to De La Torre. Although the health debt does not end in bankruptcy, it is detrimental to consumers. Among third-party debt collection services, Ernst & Young reports that health debt accounts for about 38%, an average of 13% more than student loan debt, and twice as much as credit card debt. In addition, consumers with high medical debt are less likely to save money and are prone to the type of financial crisis that results in prerequisites and loans, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Tax penalties
Even if you stay healthy, you will have to pay for the lack of health insurance. According to De La Torre, "if a person does not have health insurance in 2016, the tax obligation for not receiving insurance will be $ 695 per person and $ 347.50 per child under 18 until it exceeds $ 2,085 per family or 2.5% of household income., which is higher.

Depending on the level of income, Roby says that some consumers will pay thousands of dollars without notice. He recommends trying to qualify for any of the available programs, including Medicaid and tax credits in the health insurance business. "Otherwise, you may have to pay an amount equal to the health insurance premium on your tax return as a result of the 2016 payment," Roby concludes.

Bottom line
Medical care is expensive, even insurance. However, those without insurance will be at greater risk. The lack of health care coverage, the heavy burden of medical bills and the heavy tax penalty are three good reasons to get coverage.

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