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Spot reconstruction

DECISION for local renovation
A renewal agreement that covers only one risk. Cash reinsurance is used voluntarily in cash restructuring contracts and allows the transferor to obtain reinsurance coverage in cases where the entire portfolio clause is considered more risky than the rest of the portfolio.

Insurance companies enter into reinsurance agreements to reduce their coverage and pay reinsurance companies to eliminate part (or all) of the risk of being subscribed to their books. Reinsurance agreements may cover a complete line of business or may include certain types of policies, and may allow a reinsurer to choose in the face of the risks he accepts (optional retaliation) or may require the insurer to automatically accept the risk (renewal agreement).

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Optional renewal agreements you choose allow the young person to become more specialized, but also allow the transferor to cover coverage that may be outside the scope of the terms and conditions of the renewal of the agreement. For example, an insurance company may sign flood insurance policies in a broad geographical area, but may have signed a smaller set of high-risk policies than a typical portfolio policy. Losses associated with a small set of policies may cause the covered coverage of the transferor to exceed its limit.

Transfer companies may purchase a replacement if they cover policies using a different limit than the one provided for their total portfolio. It can be purchased to cover a specific risk or area, and can be specified as covering one registered insurance policy. For example, a company signing auto insurance policies may purchase a replacement to cover a driver who is considered more dangerous than other drivers who insure you. By diversifying the risk associated with the most prone driver, the insurer decreases the probability that his entire policy portfolio will increase by limiting.

Insurance companies that want to risk a reinsurer may find that voluntary reinsurance contracts are more expensive than contracting. This is because the renewal of the agreement includes a "letter" of risks, which indicates that the relationship between the transfer company and the reconsider is expected to be much longer than if the recipient only worked. unique, covering different risks. While cost escalation is a burden, the optional renewal agreement may allow the transferor to reposition the risk that they would not otherwise consider.

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